The Best Things In Life Are Free!
Do you know what time it is?
I would rather be here.
This is the plug-in version of my first synthesizer.
A world of endless fractal possibilities
Of course, if we are unable to provide such empirical evidence, then they will conclude that our unsupported arguments, and our conclusions must necessarily be false. However, we can clearly underestand that any modern convenience or technology that we enjoy today could have been developed and used during the 12th century by anyone possessing the knowledge, and the resources to produce it. What we commonly refer to as an invention is actually a discovery.
Communicating with alien life forms.
You will need a set of teeth to eat one of these!. .
The black and white of a beautiful face!
Many who consider themselves to be "practical" and "scientific minded" are great believers in the 5 senses. They will often speak of "good sense" and "common sense". But we can clearly understand that the common sense of a goat herd leaves much to be desired! Such practical people will readily dismiss what their minds cannot comprehend, but they will commonly accept the teachings and ideas of so-called "authorities". These authorities usually hold degrees from prestigious universities, and enjoy a wide acceptance among academia and the common man. The totality of their beliefs and conclusions are based on what they perceive to be empirical evidence. But science itself has proven that the 5 senses do not accurately portray the full scope of our reality.

Video +Collab,Remix,& Mashup

((To view and listen to all wrenchBiscuit videos sequentially and uninterrupted go here: wrenchBiscuit Video Playlists)) 

These  videos represent a sampling of my creative collaborations with other artists. These videos are examples of  post production using various incarnations of Sony Vegas Pro. (versions 7 through 12)  I gathered my source material from various online sites that offer Public Domain and Creative Commons material.YouTube, Vimeo, and the Internet Archive are my primary sources. 
Searching for video clips in the various online repositories is an arduous process that can consume many hours. This often involve's  scanning through a plethora of movies and  video footage for relevant and interesting material; a  process that is often more time intensive  than any other aspect of video production. However, it is something that I enjoy because it is much like going on a treasure hunt. I never know what wonderful moments I am going to find. or what interesting and entertaining combinations I will discover.

Video + Musical Collaboration


Digging A Hole:  Peruvian Hammer   composed and recorded all of the music, except for the lead vocals and a few minor synth and vocal orchestrations that I added  during the intro.I  composed the lyrics ,vocal melody,provided the vocal performance, mixed my contributions with Peruvian Hammer's instrumental composition, and then mastered the track. I produced the video  using video clips from various sources.  One clip features Roselyn Sanchez pole dancing in a scene from the movie "Yellow".
Hand Me Down Easy: wrenchBiscuit composed,performed, and recorded all of the music except for the spoken word provided by robwalkerpoet  and the drum track added by  Billy Ray .  All elements were mixed and mastered by wrenchBiscuit. The video was composed and compiled by wrenchBiscuit using video clips from various sources.


ccMixter See What You,ve Done: This video  represents an original wrenchBiscuit video with soundtrack created through musical collaboration with the artist Snowflake. The song began as a spoken word acapella composed and recorded by  Snowflake. All music and supporting vocals were composed and performed by wrenchBiscuit. The video was composed and compiled by wrenchBiscuit using video clips from various sources.

Sweet Funky Love: I structured this song around spoken word excerpts taken from the video"The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm", featuring sex educator's Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. Once the song was complete I built the video around the song using various clips from said video and a variety of other sources.

wrenchBiscuit Remix                                Original Video
This SIXPOINTPROS remix of "Scream" was originally posted to YouTube with the static image of Michael and Janet Jackson as you can see in the video thumbnail on the right. In this example, I composed a video around the existing soundtrack. My goal here was to loosely  follow the basic theme of the song while also including visuals of an ambient nature. More music by SIXPOINTPROS.


When I Went Laughing In A World of Tears: This is remix that includes vocal stems of Smokey Robinson (Tears of a Clown), James Brown (It's a Man's World), and Rodney Dangerfield (various standup excerpts). The music is an original composition that I composed specifically for this project in 2010. The video includes clips of James Brown, Rodney Dangerfield, Smokey Robinson, Daryl Hall. I also included clips from black and white World War II footage that I processed through a filter in Sony Vegas, along with a blurring effect. Among various other clips, I also included a clip of the Captain of the Titanic, Edward John Smith, who perished with the ship in 1912.

A Sexy Man: The video, "Suits - Hardman Returns,an Instrumental by Chris Tyng", is the basis of my remix, "A Sexy Man". 
The lyrics and my spoken word performance were my main contributions here, but I couldn't resist adding a few extra musical elements. I added a reverse guitar solo,background vocals,a sample of a woman saying."Oh My God",and a dissonant synth texture near the very end. Visually, I decided to leave the  image of the two men in suits  throughout the entire video, just as it was in the original. Around that image I used a variety of video clips. Clips of Iggy Pop and  a female model were used extensively.


Poppy Shock: "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" was originally written in 1971 by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for The Undisputed Truth and became a hit for the Temptations in 1973. Listen to the  Undisputed Truth version. Listen to the Temptations version. Peter Gabriel's " Shock The Monkey" was released in 1982. Listen to Peter Gabriel. The Process: I superimposed the Temptations vocal stems over the Peter Gabriel groove, added a synth intro at the beginning of the song  using a Korg Wavestation Plugin, and thus was created  Poppy Shock. The Video: footage of orphaned European children during WWII; several blues legends, including Son House, Robert Johnson, and Josh White, along with other miscellaneous clips.. The Winamp visualizations are edits made from  stock visualizations. Other effects were created with Sony Vegas.

I Got A Girl: This Pop composition began on ccMixter. It started with a complete piano arrangement (Piano Triumph) by Kara Square. Stefan Kartenberg then worked up a full blown arrangement (Piano Triumph Plus) around her original piano stem. Drums, bass, keyboard, guitar etc.. I then discovered it and added the lyrics, vocals,strings, slide guitar and some sparse synth pads. I pieced together the sax solo with loops from Slap Johnson. While searching for some video footage I ran across an excellent Jenni Nexus yoga video that provided the visual foundation. I combined her footage with some cool time lapse cannabis  by dexter 2008 and and time lapse drawing by apelsinchoklad.


Upon A Wheel of Cloud: Here is a relaxing mashup I composed that features a  TTS female voice reciting an Emily Dickinson poem.This composition includes a Karen Carpenter vocal stem along with a Led Zeppelin loop at the end. The video footage is comprised of footage from a 1936 Midwestern flood, some Blender animation, the classic Superman intro and other misc. clips.

A Whole Lotta Who Shot John: This is a remix of Laura By Spruke entitled "I Hate". I was provided the naked vocal stem,  (courtesy of Bill Boulden)  and I built the composition around that. There are also some Led Zeppelin loops that I added throughout the mix. The clips I used in this video are from various sources. However, a majority of the clips (especially the dance scenes) were taken from an old anti-drinking, anti-drug propaganda movie made in the late 1960's. At the end of the video Lee Harvey Oswald also makes a cameo appearance.

Tra La La: This collaboration began with an original loop provided by Exorcist that was recorded at a local Jazz Festival, which I assume was in or around Varna Bulgaria. The bulk of this composition was composed and recorded by Jeris, who used the loop provided by Exorcist as inspiration. The lyrics and vocal performance were composed and recorded by SackJo22. I re-engineered the original stems,with a lot of attention to the vocals. I added some FX, synth sweetening, a short acoustic guitar solo that ends in backward motion, and a cameo spoken phrase. I reversed Exorcist’s original loop and added it to the mix starting at 3:21. My goal here was to build upon the original idea, rather than develop something completely different.


Manila Envelope: A brief neo-classical guitar duet.I performed both parts on a steel string Ovation acoustic; adding a small amount of synth texture for flavor,and a healthy dose of processed drum loops. Leonard Andrei Corcuera,a member of Leo and the Tolstoys, and native to the Phillipines provided the spoken word in Tagalog.

Something About The Booty: This remix is based primarily around the video:"Jak vznikl Dubstep n√°vratdoreality cz".From the beginning to one minute and ten seconds, I added  video events such as the Pee Wee Herman moment, as well as synth textures. I am particularly fond of my placement of the George Bush Sr. "New World Order" sample as a segue at  one minute and six seconds. My primary contribution here lies between,one minute thirty-three seconds and three minutes and nine seconds, where I composed the music,played the guitar solo, and arranged various video clips.The "Mania" descriptions in this section are from the records of a late 19th century New Orleans Insane Asylum. The "Booty Shake" provided by Mia Peron gave me an excuse to add a little storyline to the production. Of course, the moral of the story is that the booty may not make you go blind, but it can certainly drive you crazy. I was initially drawn to this work by the maniacal and clever vocalizing that mimics the Dubstep style.